Ridenour Academy offers top-rated guitar lessons to an array of practicing or aspiring musicians of all
ages and skill levels across Murfreesboro, TN. Our guitar lessons for beginners (the opening act) are
designed towards assisting the student in attaining proper guitar technique while learning their favorite
tunes. This program will show learners how to hold a guitar pick correctly, learn basic chords and lastly
know how to tune the guitar. Once you become familiar with the guitar, you will be trained on our main
stage popularly known as the “Alley”. Here you are taught how to maintain eye contact, stage blocking/
movement, use of props, how to interact with other band members, mic technique, and facial
expressions. After going through a series of beginners showcases, you can be allowed to take advanced
guitar lessons (also known as the headliner program). Students under the headliner program are given a
chance to hone their guitar skills by tackling advanced sets of music and given more opportunities to
showcase in the upcoming events. From the moment you signup, we will assign you a highly-qualified
guitar instructor to help you set definite goals, develop songs designed for guitar proficiency and
showcasing purposes.

Our guitar classes are customized to meet the student’s preferences and
objectives in terms of musical styles because we know that everyone has a different taste on what
he/she regards as “good music”. Our guitar teachers are available to train you anytime at our studio
and also at your preferred venue if you opt for private lessons. If you are searching for a guitar lessons
instructor in Murfreesboro TN, that will offer high returns on investment in terms of acquired skills,
then Ridenour Academy should be on top of your list!



Eric Moosekian

(In-person or Skype)

Eric Moosekian is a professional bass, mandolin, recording, and guitar instructor with more
than ten years of experience. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Audio production
(major) and music theory (minor) at MTSU. Eric is experienced in several genres, including rock,

jazz, country, metal, funk, and many more. He specializes in teaching music theory, ear training,
and helps students to be creative in music.


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