Ridenour Academy provides world-class piano lessons to performing or upcoming musicians of
all ages, styles, and abilities in Murfreesboro, TN. Our piano instructors are accomplished music
professionals who are passionate about helping students to bring their musical dreams to life.
They will teach you everything from reading sheet music, playing your favorite tunes, and
mastery of major chords. Our piano lessons are flexible and custom-designed for each student
to help them achieve their goals. Our “all roads lead to the stage approach” helps the student
to showcase their progress to friends and family in a concert setting. We have been voted as
the best Piano academy in Murfreesboro TN, because of our highly-qualified piano instructors,
flexible class scheduling, and cutting-edge facilities that make learning fun.

Since 2017, we have taught and mentored many pianists in Murfreesboro TN, and beyond.
We take pride in our ability to help students learn to play the piano within the shortest time possible
through extensive piano curriculum and lessons. Piano lessons for kids (ideal for kids aged five years
and above) are provided during weekends and holidays. Our experienced piano instructors are
available anytime at our studio and also at any convenient venue if you choose to register for
private lessons. Whether you are an aspiring or experienced musician, Ridenour’s Piano lessons
will help to develop skills and take your talent to the next level.

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Austin Ford

(In-person or Skype)

Austin Ford has been playing the piano since the age of five. He has training in classical, jazz, and

commercial music. He performs regularly in various ensembles in and outside of MTSU, and his

goal when teaching lessons is to find the music that excites a student and help them build up

the understanding and proficiency that they need to play that music.

Jody Chamberlain

(In-person or Skype)

Jody Chamberlain is a renowned piano instructor at Ridenour studios. He has performed
professionally in various genres, including Latin, blues, rock, and pop music, since he was 16
years old. Jody has gained a lot of practical experience along the way and is passionate about
passing that knowledge to his students!

Whether you want to play the piano with your friends or professionally, Jody will help you bring
your musical visions to life. I am passionate about helping aspiring or performing musicians take
their talents to higher levels.

Best Piano Lessons in Murfreesboro TN, just for you.