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Austin Ford

(In-person or Skype)

Austin Ford is a pianist, singer, songwriter, and bandleader from Atlanta, GA. He studied jazz piano at Middle Tennessee State University, and is well versed in jazz, classical, and popular styles of music. He’s played all over Middle Tennessee and has recorded on several released projects. His debut album with his band,

“Austin Ford and the Time Travelers” is set to release later this year. Austin prides himself on his unique approach to teaching piano. His goal is to meet his students where they are and help them develop the necessary skills to tackle the types of music they want to play, all while broadening their knowledge and appreciation of music at large. 

Piano Lessons in Murfreesboro TN, tailored just for you.

Ridenour Academy offers world-class Piano lessons to aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels across Murfreesboro, TN. 

Our guitar classes are customized to meet the student’s preferences and objectives in terms of musical styles because we know that everyone has a different tastes as to what he/she regards as “good music”. Our guitar teachers are available to train you anytime at our studio and also at your preferred venue if you opt for private lessons. If you are searching for a guitar lessons instructor in Murfreesboro TN, that will offer high returns on investment in terms of acquired skills,

then Ridenour Academy should be on top of your list!

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