Ron Bates has been perfecting his craft for a full decade. In 2017, Ron graduated from The Blackbird Academy in Nashville, TN to take his knowledge to the next level. Ron has assisted on sessions with Jim Lauderdale and The 80H Project, among others. and has also worked with and brought to life the work of the Andrew Morris Band, In The Light of Led Zeppelin, Arielle, The Prokop Brothers, and countess others. Ron's balance of business and fun creates a both comfortable and professional environment that will ensure your session is exactly what you hoped it would be.


Welcome to Ron's Corner!

Welcome to Ron’s Corner!


Hi! I’m Ron. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m the audio engineer here at Ridenour Rehearsal Studios. I manage and run our recording studio. In addition to recording, I also run live sound for all our events in The Alley. 

Who am I? I’m a music producer, guitarist, and lover of food. I’ve been playing guitar for over 15 years. Within that time, I’ve studied everything from rock to jazz. While in college, I studied audio engineering and focused on playing jazz. After my short time in college, going to music school should be another post itself, I decided to pursue audio engineering. I attended The Blackbird Academy here in Nashville, TN. After graduating in 2017, I interned at Starstruck Studios on Music Row. While interning, I was able to meet some incredible engineers, producers, and musicians. I’m extremely thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to work and play music with. While I do freelance from time to time in some awesome studios in town, I primarily work out of my comfortable, cozy space here at Ridenour! If I’m not playing guitar or working on records, you can find me stuffing my face with some of Middle Tennessee’s most treasured delicacies. 

What is Ron’s Corner? Ron’s Corner is going to be my weekly blog where I share anything and everything music related. It’s my corner of this thing we call the internet. I don’t even know if you can have a corner of something intangible, but this one is mine! 

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Til’ Next week!