Ridenour Academy is the place where aspiring vocalists and young musicians in Murfreesboro,
TN, go to learn vital concepts of vocal performances like pitch, breathing, technique, power,
harmony, and posture. Our voice coaches are seasoned singers who will impart the crucial skills
required to achieve your musical dreams. We strongly believe that the best way for students to
gain vocal proficiency is through performance-based lessons. Thus, all our voice lessons include
a performance aspect at our main stage (the Alley). Our academy also offers advanced vocal
lessons that help practicing musicians attain their highest potential. Every vocal experience at
the academy includes live performances, full-band rehearsals, and private singing lessons- all
designed to help students reach a higher vocal level.

We also offer voice lessons for kids that set them on a path towards achieving musical proficiency.
Our expert voice coaches teach kids on the basics like diction, breathing, and staying in-key. We provide advanced voice lessons that help performing musicians to hone their skills through group rehearsals,
full-band sessions, and private singing. With professional training from our experienced vocal
instructors, you can confidently sing your favorite tune live on stage. Improve your vocal skills with us
today! Join Ridenour Academy Music lessons program based in Murfreesboro TN.

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Dave Brooks

(In-person or Skype)

Dave Brooks has a maestro experience in music for over 25 years, acting as a vocal instructor,
songwriter, producer, top session vocalist and songwriting coach. He moved to Los Angeles,
California, in 1990 and was quickly voted as the best studio vocalist in the country. Dave’s voice
has been featured in significant campaign networks in CBS, ABC, NBC, such as” The Tonight
Show.” and “Wheel of Fortune” and many other commercial adverts, including Wendy’s “ 99
Cent Value” and“Milk Does a Body Good “ campaigns. Connect with a word-class vocal coach now!

Nathalie Nesh


Nathalie Bretoneche (Nathalie Nesh) is an accomplished singer/ songwriter and vocal instructor
born in Sweden. She grew up in Spain and developed an interest in music at a very early age.
Nesh later moved to the United States and focused on training with the highly respected vocal
instructors in the world. Her instructors had Shakira, Alicia keys, and Ricky Martin as their
customers, Nesh trained with them for years both in New York and Miami. After graduation,
she taught in many church choirs, private lessons as well as workshops in Lima, Peru for years.
Nesh teaches the” Speech Level Singing” technique, which allows the learner to sing just as the
way they talk naturally and comfortably. She adopts a unique approach that concentrates on
removing blockages created by insecurities and fear to open up the voice finally. Nathalie turns
singing into enjoyment and re-programs thoughts from pessimistic to loving and positive ones.
She also teaches about body language, public speaking, stage presence, amongst others. Get
trained by a world-renowned vocal coach today!

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